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  • Deck Floor Machine
  • Deck Floor MachineOur deck floor machine is mainly used in the steel constructional engineering, such as the production of steel structure housing and steel floor. This floor deck making machine adopts Mitsubishi or Siemens PLC control equipment....
  • Deck Floor Roll Forming Machine
  • Deck Floor Roll Forming MachineOur deck floor roll forming machine is widely used in industries like industrial factories, civilian buildings, warehouses and easy steel building manufacturing. PLC control mode and AC variable-frequency speed regulation technology can help our deck...
  • Decking Forming Machine
  • Decking Forming MachineThe sheets rolled by this deck roll forming machine have high strength and wide waves. When used on tall buildings, decking forming machine reduces the need of steel plates and reduces the weight of the storey....

Company introduction of deck floor forming machine

Founded in 1996, our company is located in the town of casting molds, which is close to No.104 National Way, No.106 National Way and Jingjiu Railway. With the support of advanced technology, equipments and detection means, our company mainly produces various roll forming machines for deck floor for various application.

Description of deck floor forming machine:

1. Our roll forming machine for deck floor is mainly consists of decoiler, main machine, computer controlling system and run out table.
2. As a kind of new building materials, metal decks are widely used as floors and roofs of buildings.
3. Metal decks have the characters of low cost, light weight, high strength, short building period and recycle use.
4. Common deck profiles of roll forming machine for deck floor include roof deck, floor deck, bridge deck,specialty deck, etc.

Components of deck floor forming machine

Manual decoiler or hydraulic decoiler Roll forming machine Punching and automatic Cut-To-Length PLC control system Output table.

Parameters of deck floor forming machine

No. Main parameter of deck floor forming machine
1 Suitable material color steel, galvanized, aluminum
2 Width of the coil 1000mm
3 Thickness of the plate 1.2mm
4 Rollers 26 rows
5 Motor power 15.5kw
6 Hydraulic power 7.5kw
7 Productivity 8-10m/min
8 Diameter of the roller Φ100mm
9 Machine weight About 28T
10 Voltage 380V 50Hz 3phases
11 Material of the cutting plate Cr12
12 Dimensions 11.9×1.85×1.51m
13 Processing precision Within 1.00mm
14 Control system PLC control

Flow chart of deck floor forming machine

Manual uncoiler—Roll forming machine—computer control system—hydraulic control system—form cutter